Periodic reviews are critical in ensuring that your current programs and plans are still in synch with your business as it evolves and grows.  A post renewal session provides an opportunity to evaluate and make corrections in early on in the benefit period.  Mid-year reviews might consist of benchmarking session or discussions concerning wellness or benefit incentives.  And finally, the pre-renewal review is necessary in order to develop a time table for the renewal and ensure the all objectives associated with the benefit program are identified.

The Results

After you have worked through the Benefits Blueprint SolutionTM you will:

  • Have reduced your liability by outsourcing and dealing more effectively with regulatory issues
  • Have efficient and effective systems in place
  • Be able to data-mine and find meaningful information to generate reports and carry out planning
  • Have more time to initiate strategic and productive projects
  • Have more time to work on training programs and building a more productive workforce
  • Have a multi-year benefits strategy and benefits philosophy that supports your business plan
  • Have happier employees that appreciate and understand your benefits program
Workforce Transformation
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