This stage consists of all the necessary steps to make the right vendor and product selections, insure a smooth and successful rollout, and put in place the appropriate resources for ongoing support.  The first step in Implementation is the Benefits Analysis & Recommendations Report, including detailed cost and bid analysis of the required products and resources.

From there, we move to a Planning Session, which will assist your organization develop a step-by-step roadmap for the appropriate products, strategies and time required to achieve your goals.  Specific challenges and problems are identified and matched with detailed actions, tools, teams and priorities.

Once the vendors and products are identified, the focus becomes what professional resources and assistance to is necessary to insure the effective implementation of your plan.  The final step in Implementaion is to make a determination on the levels of support and administration required to maintain an ongoing effective benefit platform.  This might include on-line benefit management, designing a benefit administration team and selecting effective on-going communication strategies.

Workforce Transformation
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