Your Guide to Healthcare Reform:

Affordable Care Act

In 2014 all U.S. Citizens are required to purchase health insurance or pay an individual mandate tax penalty. The plan designs and rating methodology are much different than what most health insurance policies holders have become accustomed to over the past several years. The process to evaluate and purchase insurance has become much more complicated as well.

That is why we think it is important for you to work with an advisor who has the expertise to help. Coordinated Benefits Company has been providing guidance to our clients for over 30 years in the area of health insurance and employee benefits. We are certified to work on the Federally Facilitated Public Exchanges as well as working directly with insurance companies or through their private exchanges.


CBC is positioned to provide objective, unbiased guidance. We can help whether the public or private exchanges are best for you. We have experience in working with group plans as well, so we can help compare your employer offerings to what you might qualify for through an individual policy. Our mission is to find the best plan for our clients regardless of the source of the coverage.

In additional to helping with your health insurance needs, we have options through our numerous insurance company relationships to provide, life insurance, dental, vision and disability insurance to help protect your financial, as well as, physical well being. We offer transitional services that help you when you become eligible for Medicare. When the time is right we can help you make the right decisions about coverage when you are no longer eligible for your employer’s plan or when it makes sense financially to convert from an individual policy to a Medicare Supplement and/or Medicare Part D Plan.

We Can Help!

Don’t try to make these important decisions without help from an expert. Making the wrong decision can jeopardize your ability to qualify for substantial tax credits that can make your coverage more affordable. If you delay your decisions and miss your initial enrollment period or an open enrollment period you may also be exposed to late enrollment penalties or individual mandate taxes.



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