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Who thought being in HR could be dangerous?  As legislation is changed and introduced HR professionals need to keep up and stay in compliance.

Our quarterly newsletter was designed with you in mind.  The goal is to protect the HR professional from unnecessary liability associated with being out of compliance with employment law and mandates.

In addition, you will notice Compliance Alerts that are developed when needed as changes to the legislation are signed into law.

CBC also offers a seminar series on compliance issues.  If you are interested in learning more please contact us an we can help enroll you for the webinars that will help keep you compliance and our of trouble.

2012 Compliance Alerts

HRA,HSA,HFSA Comparisons
Compliance Recap
Self-Funded Health Plans Must Obtain a Health Plan Identifier Number
2014 Winter Benefits Breifing
Play or Pay Final Regulations
Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act
IRS Issues Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage
Supreme Court - Same-Sex Marriage
Final "SHOP" Regulations Issued
PCORI Fee Due Date
Availability of Exchange Coverage
Relief for Non-Calendar Year Plans
FMLA Model Forms and Notice
DOL Begins Auditing Health Plans
ACA Timeline 2012 and Beyond
Full Time EE's 90-Day Waiting Period
FSA Limits
Medical Loss Ratio Rebates
Valuing ER Health Coverage
HSA and HDHP Amounts
CMS Updates Medicare Part D
HSA HDHP Compliance Alert
Illinois Continuation Fact Sheet
COBRA Premium Subsidy Extended Again
Union Backed Election Rule Changes
More IRS Guidance on W-2 Reporting of Health Coverage
401K fee disclosures
SBC Finalized Guidance
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